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Sauk Farm is located in eastern Skagit County at the base of Sauk Mountain, at the confluence of the Sauk and Skagit Rivers. Periodic floods have covered the area in rich river delta packed with microfauna and nutrients. The resulting laroush silt loam soil, with an organic matter content of 8-10%, is prime for organic crops. Our isolated location in the Sauk River Valley makes the farm a pristine location for organic farming practices. We believe that good stewardship of the land is critical to producing high quality nutrient dense fruit. We are committed to producing organic crops in a sustainable manner that has the least impact on the surrounding environment.

Proudly a Family Farm

Sauk Farm is a family farm first and foremost. The Berger family has been farming in the foothills of the cascades for over ten years at the base of Sauk Mountain. Carol, Jesse, and Griffin manage and run the farm full time while other family members visit time to time and assist in farm activities.

Raised in the Skagit Valley, Griffin Berger graduated from Mount Vernon High School and went on to receive his Bachelors in Integrated Plant Sciences from Washington State University. Dual majoring in Field Crop Management and Fruit and Vegetable Management Griffin was able to gain an understanding and appreciation of the science behind growing high quality crops. Griffin is constantly striving to improve growing practices, quality and nutrition of crops, and improving overall sustainability.

Griffin Berger Operations Manager
mobile: 360-630-0723
email: griffin@saukfarm.com