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Pleasantly Crisp, Sweet and Juicy

 This popular apple features a beautiful bright red skin mottled with pale green. It's complex flavor is subtly tart, and is a versatile ingredient for recipes ranging from sweet to savory, like our Apple Cider Braised Chicken recipe. As a snack, Honeycrisp apples burst with juice with every bite, and they are also a delicious addition to salads, pies, sauces, and baked goods. We harvest the tasty Honeycrisp in September. 


Cosmic Crisp

Sweet and Tart

 This variety of apple is a cross between 'Enterprise' and 'Honeycrisp'. The large, juicy apple has a remarkably firm and crisp texture, which is great for making pies and tarts. It's exceptional flavor profile provides ample sweetness and tartness. In addition to being delicious, it is slow to brown when cut and maintains it's texture and flavor in storage for more than a year. Our Cosmic Crisp are harvested in October.



Very Sweet


 In Greek mythology, Ambrosia was defined as 'The Food of the Gods'. It is an attractive medium-sized apple, with a pink-tinged orange/red flesh over a yellow background.  As such it is very much in tune with the modern preference for "bi-coloured" apples. The flavor is pleasant and sweet, and gives a wonderful aroma. We harvest Ambrosia apples in early October.  



Crisp, and Very Sweet

 Gala is a wonderful dessert apple originating from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich in flavor. The skin has reddish-orange stripes over it's vibrant yellow canvas. Early harvested, it is picked 2 - 3 weeks before Red Delicious in September. Gala is a good pollenizer for other apple varieties, and has adapted to cold and warm winter climates.



Crunchy with a mix of Sweet and Tart

 With it's superb and diverse flavor, Jonagold is a connoisseurs choice; a cross of the Jonathan and Golden Delicious varieties. You can spot them easily by their yellow base with red-orange blush. Jonagold's crisp, juicy, subacid flavor profile makes it great for all types of recipes ranging from salads to applesauce. our Jonagolds are harvested in September. 



Crisp and Sweet


 This deep-red fruit is everything you want in a dessert apple — sweet, juicy and firm. WineCrisp, originally called Coop31, is a modern disease-resistant variety resistant to scab, fire blight, and powdery mildew. It was developed by the Universities of Purdue, Rutgers and Illinois, then introduced to the public in the 1990s. Winecrisp trees are ideal for northern gardens! Fruit stores up to nine months. Cold-hardy. Ripens in mid October, and is harvested mid October. 


Wine Grapes

Madeleine Angevine  

Tropical and Herbal 


 Fresh pale green in color, Madeleine Angevine is a white wine grape from the Loire Valley in France, and is also popular in Germany, Kyrgyzstan and Washington State. This early-ripening grape is a cross between the Madeleine Royale and Précoce de Malingre grapes that flourishes in cooler climates. Madeleine Angevine is harvested mid September on Sauk Farm.



Rich and Deep

 Zweigelt is the most widely planted red-wine grape in Austria. A highly popular variety, it is grown in every Austrian wine region. In 2019, Austria was said to have around 16,000 acres to meet it's growing demand. A classic Austrian Zweigelt is richly colored with a deep, bright core of spiced cherry and raspberry flavors. We harvest our Zweigelt in early October.



Crisp and Semi-Sweet

 This lush pink/red-skinned grape variety is used in the production of white wines. Translated from it's native home in Germany, Siegerrebe means "champion vine" or "victory vine". The name is a reference to Siegerrebe's ability to produce record-breaking must weights.  Siegerrebe is suited to cooler climates and is harvested early September. 

Table Grapes

Lynden Blue.jpg

Lynden Blue

Sweet and Mild


 Being in the Concord grape category, their blue-black exterior and juiciness makes them amazing table grapes. Also known as 'Mission', The grape thrives in Western Washington, and is often used in desserts and juices. Here at Sauk Farm we harvest Lynden Blue in early September. 


Einset Seedless

Sweet, Strawberry-Like


 Einset Seedless is an early-maturing, red, and seedless table grape. Medium-sized berries, oval and bright red with light waxy bloom, are held in attractive, shouldered clusters. The flesh is firm, and flavorful, with strawberry overtones. great late summer snack, and great in salads. Mid September is harvest time for these beauties. 

Jupiter seedless.jpeg

Jupiter Seedless

Mildly Sweet


 These picture perfect berries earn high marks in taste tests, and are also very disease resistant. . Jupiter Seedless can produce up to 8-13 tons per acre. As the grapes ripen in early midseason, their reddish-blue color shifts to an other-worldly deep blue. Mid September is the perfect time to harvest these beautiful Jupiter Seedless grapes. 

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